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Jarrod Sterling’s Distance is Relative is an album of marked tracks. Whether its the obvious channeling of various retro styles or the infusion of multiple genres into the soundscapes (eastern, jazz, blues or modern pop influences are sampled throughout the album) each track is stylistically different. Each track may be transparent and distinct in its sound and style, but interpreting the album is much more difficult. This isn’t to say it lacks accessibility, but rather that it lends creative licence to the listener. During the making of Distance is Relative, Sterling’s inspiration came from movie scores. Attending the cinema regularly and observing how music - with minimal change - was able to alter the listener/viewer, Sterling envisioned an album with similar affect. It is up to the listener to invent beyond the trumpet flourishes, piano riffs, and synth swells. Within the angry tension of “Rabbit Smile,” the persistent industrial sound of “The Passenger,” or the light-hearted retro themes of “Pavlova,” there exists a story ready to be imagined.”



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