2017 Year in Review!

By Cory Giordano

2017 went off way more than we could have ever imagined.  First and foremost we want to thank all the artists, fans and community, we are ever so blessed to work with everyone and be able to do what we do.  For that we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

What we released this year!

In 2017 we released these albums on Vinyl:

  • Dominic Pierce - Hoop Loops
  • Bilo 503 - Bayybe
  • [bsd.u] - Lighter (Vinyl Re-release)
  • Kazumi Kaneda - Hard Light
  • Borealism - Ripples In The Stream
  • Brother Mynor - Passionfruit Falls
  • [bsd.u] - Pook

...all of the above and the following on Tape Cassette:

  • FUTURES Vol. 4 (Double Tape)
  • Senoy - Shine
  • Kawfee - Fate Will Lead The Way
  • Oatmello - Memory
  • Knowmadic - Better Off
  • BLESS Vol. 1 (Double Tape with O-NEI-RIC + Saikei Collective)
  • lucky.s - slow dance
  • Bilo 503 - Fair (Tape Re-release)
  • Odeeno - Untouchable Mirror
  • TiMT - Time Flies Like An Arrow
  • Eets - Solus

...these collaborations with artists and other labels:

  • Hip Dozer Vol. 2 (Tape for Hip Dozer)
  • Idealism - Hiraeth EP
  • Idealism - Rainy Evening EP
  • Idealism - Amaranthine EP
  • Packed Rich - Kizuna (Tape for Kindly Rewind Records)
  • Mycatisflying - Self Titled (Collab with Orikami + Kindly Rewind)
  • Warm LCD - Liquid Crystal Healing (Tape for Close To Modern)
  • Orikami & Friends Compilation (Tape for Orikami Records)
  • Eevee - Seeds
  • Eevee - Highlights
  • Eevee - Unexpected
  • Eevee - Beat Tape 01
  • Eevee - Beat Tape 02
  • Eevee - Beat Tape 03
  • Eevee - Beat Tape 04
  • Lofi.Hiphop Vol. 1-7 Boxset (For lofi.hiphop forums)

Now that we just wrote the release list out it seems a bit unreal that we put all that music out this year!  It's been a whirlwind but we are so proud of all the artists who put out such amazing work this last year, such incredible music.

We can't wait to share with you all the great stuff we have planned already for next year! Tons more vinyl, tons more tapes, a brand new radio show in the works, more videos and interviews, radical Spotify playlists and more fresh threads.  Happy holidays to everyone, 2018 is coming soon with more goodness.

The Inner Ocean Team


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