Drift - Ambient + Meditation

By Cory Giordano

Drift - Ambient + Meditation

Greetings Inner Ocean fam,

We message you all today to announce something very special and dear to our hearts, the creation of a new sub label called Drift focusing on Ambient + Meditation music. 


The first two years on Inner Ocean we focused on ambient music, then stumbled upon Hip Hop and the rest is history. The ambient has always been something that was important to us, it’s what started us and provided the foundation for who we are today. 

Enter Drift, a new medium for us to go back to that original sound, rediscover it and explore new sound worlds while allowing Inner Ocean to keep laying down the beats. 

The debut EP release on Drift, Charlie Dreaming - Healing Dreams, is the newest project from Cory Giordano, founder of Inner Ocean. Music designed for quiet reflection and stillness. 

You can click the above link to go to the Drift Bandcamp page, if you are also a Spotify user we’ve put together a Drift playlist with the newest EP, some Inner Ocean tracks from the early days and some of our favourite ambient selects. Will be updated regularly. 

Lastly we want to throw a massive thanks to Neon Pajamas for featuring Charlie Dreaming in his 10 min EP series, you can find that here on SoundCloud. 

Inner Ocean + Drift


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