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Getting To Know You - Beatbliotek

By Robyn Raymond

Getting To Know You - Beatbliotek

One of the best things about music is the community that it creates. The Inner Ocean Records crew want to help make that even more awesome. So each month, we're going to feature someone/something in the scene, and ask them some questions about what it is that makes them special. If there's an artist or blog or someone that YOU are wanting to ask questions of, please send me a note, and I'll be happy to bring that to you!

This week, we're starting with the French Blog BEATBLIOTEK avec Simone.

Robyn – Inner Ocean Records - When did you start your blog?

Simon - Beatbliotek - Recently, in June 2017. Beatbliotek is the combination of 'Beat' and 'Bibliotheque' which means Library in English. My blog is focusing on Beatmakers and Labels. around 100 beatmakers page are available!

Robyn - Did you start your blog because you are an artist yourself? and you wanted to create a community around you?

Simon - Not really, I’m just a man who loves music and beats stays one of my favorite kind of music. I started getting interest in the beat scene 10 years ago and it was kinda hard not wasting time on the internet to find new stuff, both listening the classics and news releases. So I started building my own library, my own playlist, and I thought it would be useful to other people who are or will be in the same situation later. That's why I started beatbliotek.

Robyn - Where do you find the artists and labels you feature?

Simon - Those are mainly artists I already know. I follow every labels and artists I like on social networks to stay updated about the latest news and releases. Bandcamp is also a website where I spend time to find news artists. 

Robyn - How do you decide who is worth your time?

Simon - It’s a personal plan, I listen a lot of beatmakers and I try to archive them all in my website. Then, I will find all artists I love!

Robyn - Who is your favourite female producer?

Simon - I like a lot The Marv, she’s a Parisian beatmakers (Stillmuzik affiliated). I think she’s underrated! And I love Tokimonsta & the prolific Eevee.

Robyn - How often do you update the site?

Simon - The site is updated every days. I don't plan how many articles and which ones I post each day. When I got time, I write a new article for the 'reference part' of the website, and then I also try to post about new stuff I listened lately. It’s a productive scene! 

Robyn - If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Simon - Lot of people, we will make also compilations in 2018 with artist we love! It soule be great to collaborate with Artists like Rahel Susskind. Or Inner Ocean, you are prolific and I like tapes! I love also french blogs like Pinata or Le Mellotron

Robyn - What city is the most hype? what scene do you want to visit? Simon - London. What a great city for music. There are many artists and labels I like... I love South London Jazz and related artists likes Yussef Kamaal, Alfa mist, Joe Armon Jones...  And I want to visit Los Angeles, it’s the main scene with guys lire Mndsgn, Kiefer, SWARVY and Paxico Records!

Thanks so much for contributing, Simon! We're so happy to have you in the Inner Ocean family.  Stay tuned this week for some other awesomeness.

Best at 33rpms,

Robyn - The Hype Machine

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New Videos and Spotify Playlist Links!

By Robyn Raymond

New Videos and Spotify Playlist Links!

Hey Beat Lovers!

Futures Volume 4 is flying off the shelves! Thank you to everyone for being as excited as we are about this newest compilation. We are so blessed to have such an amazing community and talented worldwide family! Big love out to everyone who participated in the Futures Contest as well, we've selected and contacted our winner, and the collection will be sent out in the coming days! Keep the love coming, we'll be having other chances to get other rad Inner Ocean swag!

We've had so many inquiries about when we'll be taking new submissions, and don't worry, that time will come very soon. But keep your eyes on these spaces, and you'll know.

Here's some links to the latest playlists and videos that we've been assembling for your enjoyment on multiple devices.





8Reg -

Akeedro -

Arbour -

Awlnight -

Bengalfuel -

Best at 33rpms,

Robyn - the Hype Machine

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