Vinyl - Isak Gaines - Revelries Pt. I
Vinyl - Isak Gaines - Revelries Pt. I
Vinyl - Isak Gaines - Revelries Pt. I
Vinyl - Isak Gaines - Revelries Pt. I

Isak Gaines - Revelries Pt. I

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Catalog: INNER143
Format: Download // Streaming

*Revelries Pt. II will be out on August 28, 2020
*PREORDER the Vinyl and Tape, contains Revelries Pt. I & II (starts shipping around August 28)


Few things induce tunnel-vision like human loss. Revelries - Isak Gaines’ debut pair of releases with Inner Ocean - explores the tunnel from entrance to exit through the lens of a relationship that was doomed to fail from the onset. Airy vocal melodies draped over jagged sample collages, loose textural washes, and intricately layered drum programming lead the way through the selfish, confused entryway of Pt. I to an exit in Pt. II that is both more reflective and outward-looking.

Part-producer, part-improviser, part-composer, and part-visual artist, Isak Gaines has a creative identity that isn’t easily categorized. Between densely-layered sample manipulations, intricate chamber arrangements, and multi-instrumental improvisations, his work focuses on experimentation in search of the point where they all intersect.


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Artwork By: Isak Gaines

1 - Through the Window Pane
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3 - Cobalt
4 - Certain
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