FUTURES Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records
FUTURES Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records
FUTURES Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records
FUTURES Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records
FUTURES Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records


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Catalog: INNER041
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette

//C100 high bias translucent hot pink tape cassettes. 56 tracks, 96 minute run time. 200 copies - SOLD OUT

Our most ambitious project to date, a massive compilation of talented young producers that are shaping the way forward.  This release was conceptualized as a means to unite the music community together and be as inclusive as possible.  An album by the people, for the people.  With over an hour and a half worth of music you can sit back and vibe to this tape all day!

Mastered & Arranged by: Brother Mynor

Artwork by: Matt Miezio

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bilo 503 - cove
borealism - sunflowers
i n d k a h 引火 - A a z e.
med monk - tropics
kawfee - sinceivemetyou
p.stmdrn - unrslvd(終)
warmgloom - why that way
ezekey - infuzed
slumgod. - e v e r y t i m e
flux the cynic - rise (good morning).
scoopkid - byrdman
brother mynor - love stews
dweeb - tireswing
lxced - tides
stray excel - caughtupinbtwn [royalflush]
n2deep - we back
d.j. kool klone - shankar's duel
awlnight - maybe
quima - its near
luviia. - 1st_sense
fly anakin - fuck tomorrow [prod. noah rime$]
ΔKTR - cymric(groove)
yellatee - all you need
BSTFRND - team spirit
fausuto - coffee//jameson
david peck - fingers crossed
henneysee - duit
lost son - aroma
[kumo] - don’t feel so bad
apOmorph - the g.o.d.d.e.s.s.
future beats - black chariot
cadeswet - they don't undrstnd
fantompower - flan
bunko stew - eerie and willing
fiji.water - bape camo
guru griff - SoFine
KAIJU - jusso[yewknow]
dlght - all night
aatma - green.tea[kombucha]
knowmadic - chakra
zraja - soonr[orlater
yungmorpheus - floatfaraway
arbour - sunday piano music
white marble - ontario
buru - valentine
plcmnt - cereal
hooligunn.hølmes - highdryin'
breeze~ - jazz hop at the nebula bar
shamik - flickering
sumwon - justaminute
lucky.s - [peaceful.]