Orikami & Dreams Compilation - Inner Ocean Records
Orikami & Dreams Compilation - Inner Ocean Records

Orikami & Dreams Compilation

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Orikami & Dreams', our second Compilation is now available on both Digital & Cassette Tape format. As a consecration of all the best dreams we've ever had, this new artistic collaboration with Inner Ocean Records is a mass of passion, energy & creativity. Featuring numerous and talented people from all around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, from Calgary to London, it gathers what we like the most in Orikami : good vibes & good friends. Beats, jazzy notes, future bass, lo-fi, electronic, hip-hop ... there are so many influences here that you cannot name them all. But more than a concentrate of multiple sounds and melodies, this is all about a common dream : making music together, and feed your body with it.
Only 5 copies of the Tape available through Inner Ocean
Get copies from Orikami Bandcamp.
21 tracks, 1 hour runtime, Translucent Green Tapes - SOLD OUT

Orikami & Dreams by Orikami Records.
Tape by Inner Ocean Records.
Design by Jöw Simony.


A1 TiMT & Pod - Fall Heart
A2 Saib - Sky Island
A3 Madrob Beats - STEREO
A4 Matatabi - Sunday
A5 FutureBeats - Loving You
A6 Kazumi Kaneda - Gallery
A7 Soryo - Life’s A Chanbara
A8 Thilonious - The Style
A9 97special - Decision
A10 Dusty - Blacks
A11 Apo - since.u
A12 ΔKTR - luvursense
B1 Punta Rosa - Ball
B2 Lafayette Ellis - Cajun Sunrise
B3 Pehoz - ctOS
B4 Neptunien - A Day On Neptune
B5 Daiki Fukumitsu - Eclipse
B6 Ryuuta Takaki - Ignition
B7 Pandrezz - Erased
B8 Yuheht - Gentle Breeze
B9 Discandy - In Love Again