on the brush: beat tape

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Catalog: INNER171
Format: Tape Cassette //  Digital // Streaming

Limited Edition Tapes  // 200 Worldwide 

 // STREAM //

An alchemist of bespoke beats, Floridian producer tiny.blips' utilizes all-original instrumentation and vocals on his 18-track on the brush: beat tape. Serving psychedelic grooves that are so layered and saturated you would be sure they were stuffed to the brim with samples (hint: they are NOT), tiny.blips' proves you can have fun while also creating beats with serious substance. A feast for the ears, eyes, heart and soul.

Written/performed/produced/recorded/mixed: tiny.blips 

Artwork By: Laura Atria

Mastered by: Amir Tal

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Released June 24, 2022