Music for the Ninth Silence

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Catalog: INNER164
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Streaming

Transparent Blue Tapes // 75 copies worldwide


Music for the Ninth Silence, the first full-length ambient album by TOMC, is a work that speaks of "uncategorizable emotions and silence”, comparing them to the metropolis. The duration of all the tracks is unified at 4 minutes and 33 seconds, and each track is given a name based on psychologist Carl Jung's eight typologies and the places in Tokyo that TOMC recalls.

All of the music is produced with TOMC's electronic piano playing, with a nod to Hiroshi Yoshimura, Erik Satie and Steve Reich, and without sampling from existing music. The fusion of tones reminiscent of 1980s Japanese ambient / new age music and the three-dimensional sound textures of contemporary ASMR culture, free from the constraints of the grid, is a reflection of his vision of Tokyo.

The vibrant Japan of the 1980s is considered by many young Japanese people to be a fantasy far removed from the present day. On the other hand, much of the culture and urban landscape of modern Japan undeniably originates from the 1980s. TOMC, who lives in Tokyo, the largest city in Japan today, has been thinking about the "uncategorizable emotions and silence" that suddenly come to the minds of people living in the city, which is faced with various problems unique to developed countries and sometimes has to embrace a sense of stagnation, and depicted them in this album.

TOMC sees that ambient and new age music is not a form of "escapism" but an art form to connect the self with reality. When people who are in the midst of "uncategorizable emotions and silence" (i.e., you in someday) come into contact with the tracks and reclaim themselves, this album will be truly completed.


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