1. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  2. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  3. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  4. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  5. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  6. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  7. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia
  8. Tape - Six Missing - Patricia

Six Missing


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Catalog: INNER148
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Streaming

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“Patricia” is the name of my maternal grandmother who passed in 2020. Her health faded quickly and due to the ongoing pandemic our family wasn’t able to gather and be together. This album is my method of paying my respects to her memory. Much like her life, this album aims to be kind, warm, patient & caring. I’d like for you to enjoy this music any way you see fit.

We all have people in our lives that we’ve lost and might find ourselves wishing we could have just one more conversation with. This collection of music is intended to allow the listener to find the space to be able to reflect on our life and the fleeting moments we have with one another on this plane of existence. It’s a peaceful place to retreat to communicate with our inner landscape and the energy that constantly surrounds us.

Find the beauty in each moment. Remember that now is all we have. - Dumser

“Patricia” is the first release from Six Missing on Inner Ocean Records.
TJ Dumser: All sounds your ears perceive. Mix and mastering engineer.
Recorded at Cabin in the Woods Music between the months of August and October 2020.

Special thanks and love to: Hanna, Tom & Terri, Pat & Dick, Kathy & Bill, Kelly, Maureen, Phyllis and Bernie, Aqeel, Ryan, and Nala.

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Photo by Ross Buswell @ Atmospherics

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Released Feb 12, 2021