Tape - Cosmicbath - Underconstruction
Tape - Cosmicbath - Underconstruction

Cosmicbath - Underconstruction

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Cosmicbath kobe jpn based music lab.
Members Are: Ra'arts, Jus-One & Yuke Myras.

When listening to UNDERCONSTRUCTION you have to suspend a lot of preconceptions as to what a hip-hop album is supposed to sound like. You pretty much have to sit back and listen  to the EP as a whole to fully absorb the concepts Yuke Myras, Ra'arts, and Jus-One introduce. Cosmicbath exists in a netherworld of Blues, bugged out nature influences, the teaching of Buddha, hangin' out with your crew, and eclectic original HIP-HOP awareness.  The aspect that unifies all of these diverse entities is Cosmicbath's mission to elevate a people, catch the moment of x-zone experiences and brush your teeth.

UNDERCONSTRUCTIONを聞く時には、あな たは、ヒップホップアルバムが、それのように 聞こえると思われているものについてたくさん の予断を中断する必要がある。あなたは、だい たい、ゆったり座り、概念へ どMyras、Ra'arts、およ 法1を完全に吸収す るために全体としてのEPを聞く必要がある 導 入する  Cosmicbathが、ブルース〈自然影響 の外で悩ませられた〉の冥界に存在すること 仏

の教育 外のhangin' あなたのクルー 、および多

ID: cmb002un
Artist: Cosmicbath
Title: Underconstruction
Total Time: 24:20

All music composed, produced & mixed by
Yuke Myras at Myrastudio
All lyrics written, performed & recorded by
Cosmicbath (Ra'arts, Jus-One, Yuke Myras) at
Artwork by Jus-One
Distributed by Inner Ocean Records
Special thanks to Mickael D Baiden
© Orikami Records

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