Tape - Hip Dozer Vol. 4
Tape - Hip Dozer Vol. 4
Tape - Hip Dozer Vol. 4

Hip Dozer Vol. 4

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White Tapes. Limited to 50 copies.
Co-driven by a producer team from the French chill-beats and hip hop scene, Hip Dozer is a key player in a booming genre that explores the heritage of producers such as Nujabes, J Dilla or Pete Rock.
The label highlights emerging acts as well as other iconic producers in these instrumental hip-hop scene, a real internet phenomenon that brings millions of people together every day around Youtube lives and other Spotify playlists.

Representing the scene and its eclecticism, this fourth edition, similar to an All Star Game, brings together the most accomplished artists and the most promising beatmakers. A way of showing through 28 tracks that those producers, often limited to the adjective « lo-fi », have some groove left on their MPCs.
As Neil Degrasse Tyson in the cosmos, this album explores inspirations, curiosities and secrets of these producers. An electrifying and surprising journey through hip hop soundscape. From boom bap for fans of Dilla's productions, to jazz for Guru enthousiast, funk, electronica and even The Jetsons, Hip Dozer's compilation Volume 4 is a must-have for any hip hop head.

The cover art is similar to the Art-Nouveau movement, which would draw inspiration from ancient classics and rework them with modern means.
A movement with which the art of sampling and digging can be identified, which can be considered as modern archaeology.
1. Emapea - Sunny Vibes
2. Konteks - Atmos
3. Leaf Beach - Mirage
4. Juan Rios - Luciérnaga
5. Dr. Dundiff - All of You
6. Tom Doolie - In Life
7. Intalekt - 333
8. n o r m a l - Dusk
9. mell-ø - Withdrawn
10. Mecca:83 - Dawn Maneuvers
11. Chief. - Nightingale
12. Elijah Nang - Kohi For Two
13. Flughand - Atrebor
14. Ouska - Remember Oceans

15. Blue Wednesday - Cabin Crew (ft. Taiyo Ky)
16. Alcynoos - Colorful
17. Handbook - Come Away With Me
18. Mujo - Notas
19. Cap Kendricks - Yoruba
20. Saib. - Overtime
21. Kazam - Golden Alley
22. Type.Raw - Overload
23. Yeyts - In Here
24. Rudy Raw - Canuma
25. A S T R O - Jetson
26. niquo - Bottoms
27. HM Surf - Travel Fever

Album by Hip Dozer
Artwork/Design by Hugo Mut

Tape Cassette Manufactured and Distributed by Inner Ocean Records.