1. Tape - FUTURES Vol. 5


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Catalog: INNER079
Format: 2x Tape Set // Stream // Digital

25 Sets Red Crystal/Blue Crystal Tapes SOLD OUT
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50 Sets Glitter Tapes SOLD OUT
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100 Sets Recycled Purple & Blue Tapes

// STREAM //

For a 5th time around the sun we gathered the beat maker tribe together to make FUTURES Volume 5, the ultimate community made beat tape. On this edition we have 73 tracks by 73 artists showing off their best ability to craft beats with that funk/soul/jazz flavour. Spanning over 2.5 hrs, dubbed onto limited edition double tapes, this is our most ambitious FUTURES album to date. 

The FUTURES series was created as a conduit for community to link together, push each other and unite in a common direction. We couldn't be more proud of the results and positive atmosphere that has been created within the music. Keep spreading the love. 


Artwork by: Luke Tobias
Inside Tape Artwork by: Ohsew


Tape 1 Side A 
Somburd - flex
Ciro Mont - youDo
Drips Zacheer - Timehunt
SoulChorea - see [sic]
Konteks x Quiett - feeling no pain
Jung Fellaz - Rich Buddy
Objektiv - Enkounter
Kaligraph E - Kollude
IAMSENPAI - Summer Nights In Shibuya
PRGMAT - Whisper
Jake and Bake - wash the wounds in the river
Jus. - Sun
Don Solo - Like Water [Jazz Chords]
Sm^th - Honeydip I'm Clockin'
BRKLS - Felon Groove
TrueHoustonEmcee - Filler Episode
coldrip - alwaysinside
Swn k_ - inmyfreetime

Tape 1 Side B
Jack Cates - tile room
smeyeul - understand
RudeManners - lost static woods
vahybz - untitled piano bump
bryZone_ybp - hold that thought
Korey Wade - been sleeping
Radicule - eerbalessence
Mirrorish - The Train
BOMBS215 - Roc The Mic
Bassti - going forward
Afrosamuraiist - Hol’ Up instrumental
OSVALDO - Hang in There
Tactilian - last night
modii - [n.ckbrck]
soryo the madmonk - timeflies
baechulgi - north shore
Daneel - dust n rust
Tristano - tings

Tape 2 Side A
yunnan - feeltherain
goosetaf - reverie
Anthony Bishop - I Love You[No Space or Time]
Bunko Stew - The Music
ihaveaface - untitled#01
Axian - Shapes
ZOD1AC - Ochre Tones
16^20 - Crystal
drkmnd - horizon
Caveman Summer - I Dont Smoke Weed But I Will
Mecca83 - Midnight Radio
e l g i nnnn - promiscuous
Fdluxx (ft. Lord Apex + Rhakim Ali) - Reap What You Sow
Deadbrainz - Feels
eodum - powerON
Huez - plant life

Tape 2 Side B
greenshrt - crash
l e k i n - alkebu-lan brazil
Oatmello - Nine
Kuranes - revelations
xJK - wonder
Nuhan - Cream
beat.cut - Slow Low Heart Beat
Medacin - A Drink
Nimzo - Do my thing in the background
RTIK - thru passage
Ultraboy - Dream Machine
Postmark - Bust Shots
midsagittal - pixel.skies
ZeMauno - The Magic Answer
mora. - down
Winslo - Temptation
Sickarone - Bouncing Betty
Simber - Sweet
Cats in Sunglasses - Human Traffic
Sadiva - Upset U.