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Telemakus - Calantha

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Not unlike his fictional namesake, Telemakus hits the mark with his release of Calantha Vol.1, one in a four part series that unveils a remarkable talent for alternative jazz composition wrapped around a framework of exquisite percussion. 

At 18 years old this San Francisco native executes a level of craftsmanship on the keys well beyond his years. Calantha Vol 1. is the inaugural journey into the beats of a jazz savant. Brace yourself for transcendence beyond the earth realm; enter the next dimension. 

This is only the beginning.

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Baechulgi - Eclipse

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Bathed in moonbeams under a dense tropical aura, Hawaiian based Baechulgi presents  Eclipse her debut album with Inner Ocean, a whimsical journey from the middle of the Pacific straight out to space and back. Eclipse is delivered as the name would suggest, a single stellar body with two distinct halves; first movement in the light, energetic and full of life, the mood shifts in the second movement when day becomes night and the hidden spirits emerge.

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Interview on Keakie

Big ups to James (aka Psygon) from Keakie for having this chat with us, Cory and Mike from Inner Ocean talk about the label's origins, the philosophy behind what we do and some of the projects we work on.

It's a long one so pour up a cup of coffee and dive in!

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Inner Ocean Mix for Chillhop

Much love to the guys over at Chillhop Music for asking us to do an exclusive mix that's up on their YouTube channel.

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Drift - Ambient + Meditation

Greetings Inner Ocean fam,

We message you all today to announce something very special and dear to our hearts, the creation of a new sub label called Drift focusing on Ambient + Meditation music.

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