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Illa J x Atamone - The Bakery

Double 7 inch gatefold

Catalog: INNER108
Format: Digital // Double 7 Inch Vinyl Gatefold

//Double 7 Inch Black Vinyl 500 copies *Starts shipping July 2019*

When good friends come together in synergy to create art, magic happens. In that space when we’re comfortable to be ourselves, raw and vulnerable, creativity can flow organically. This is exemplified in The Bakery from Montreal producer Atamone and M.C. vocalist and beat maker Illa J. With an audible nod to classic hip hop production Atamone skillfully drizzles in the sweet and soulful foundations while Illa J brings the verbal icing. Each track will take its turn being your favourite so bake at 420 for 12 minutes, let cool and let the feast for your ears melt you like butter cream.

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mega compilation


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Double Vinyl + Double Tape PREORDERS

Catalog: INNER107
Format: Double LP / Double Tape Cassette / Digital 
Just over 2.5 hours of music.
Each tape is approx. 80min run time. 
Double Tapes limited to 100 sets.
Double LP's limited to 300 copies.

*Tape Cassette and Digital contains all 65 tracks.
*Double LP contains 33 selected tracks

Welcome back to FUTURES Vol. 6, our annual showcase of our favourite up and coming beat makers side by side with some of the legends of this culture. FUTURES Vol. 6 celebrates the bedroom producer and spotlights the talent that flows below the surface of the mainstream. 65 terminally chill tracks with enough slap to make your neck crack, FUTURES Vol.6 is a comprehensive study of bumps to 24/7 chill / study / relax / take a "load" off / feel the “vibrations” to. Lock your doors, dim the lights and astro glide your way into the beat. 

Artwork By: Hamburger Hands

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