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Kazumi Kaneda - Morpheme Tone

limited edition vinyl lp's + tape cassettes

Catalog: INNER123Format: Vinyl + Tape Cassette + Digital

//180g Black Vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.
//Transparent Tapes. High Bias Chrome / Real Time Recording. 100 copies

Tokyo's own beat maker and multi-instrumentalist, Kazumi Kaneda, brings us another Jazz opus full of dazzle and wonder. Following up his 2017’s album Hardlight, Morpheme Tone sets a new bar in original jazz & hip hop production, continually refining his particular flavour and style. Kaneda presents his work as gritty and complex, smooth and subtle with equal parts bebop and hip hop, coalescing into a project of ultimate coolness.

Jazz heads and Hip Hop heads worldwide are keeping tabs on Kazumi Kaneda, watching and waiting for those next brilliant moves. Morpheme Tone is one of those moves.  

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Top class canadian jazz

Carsten Rubeling - Volk // People


Catalog: INNER122
Format: Digital 


Trombonist and Composer, Carsten Rubeling features his debut album on Inner Ocean Records. A powerful and fluid blend of jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronic music, skillfully navigating between traditional and modern influences on a distinctive sonic path.

Rubeling wrote and produced VOLK//PEOPLE with a vision to mix acoustic and electronic palettes in a way that never obscures its human feel. He weaves a fabric of hard-hitting drums, soulful improvisations and warm synthetics with the vibes of a live, instrumental mix tape.

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charity compilation

BLESS Vol. 3

limited edition double vinyl + double tape cassette

The BLESS compilation series is our annual fundraiser to gather artists and beat makers together to raise money for the global community. BLESS Vol. 3 is a collection of 67 tracks from artists all around the world, with over 2.5 hrs of original music!

100% of the profits from the sale of BLESS Vol. 3 will be donated to Charities through the Good Pin platform. Good Pin allows the supporters of BLESS to allocate a portion of the profits to any charity registered in Canada or the US, essentially giving the power to all of you to decide where you would like to see the money go to!

We want to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to all the artists and fans who create and listen to the music on this project so that we can all BLESS the global community with our creative passions. It’s truly a beautiful thing. 

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