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Bunko Stew - Numb The Measure Of Time

limited edition tape cassette

Catalog: INNER110
Format: Digital / Tape Cassette

These 11 dusty jazz chops will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.  Classic MPC jazz chillhop cuts from the Netherlands based beat maker Bunko Stew.  Pure good vibes and nothing less. 

1. To Start Off The Day
2. In The Morning
3. Another Day
4. Should've Known Better
5. The Memory Comes Around
6. Hanging Around
7. Time Will Take Care Of Itself
8. Just To Light My Gloom
9. While It Slips Away
10. Take It On Home
11. It's Been A Long Night

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New Release

Arbour + Fantompower - Inner Ocean Session No. 1

Digital Download


Arbour & Fantompower, from Bellingham, Washington, kick off our very first Artist Residency series.  They spent 5 days in the Inner Ocean Studio in Calgary, Alberta to create a brand new 5 song EP.  They braved the cold Canadian winter, got cozy in the studio utilizing nearly every piece of gear we had to craft something very new and special between these long time friends, roommates and music collaborators.  

While they have collaborated on numerous tracks with each other, and also play together in a band called Club Mage, this Sessions EP technically marks the first official release with both Fantompower and Arbour working together on every song.  We are honoured to have witnessed these two ultra talented producers make some magic, truly a special series of moments in time.

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new release

Illa J x Atamone - The Bakery

Double 7 inch gatefold

Catalog: INNER108
Format: Digital // Double 7 Inch Vinyl Gatefold

//Double 7 Inch Black Vinyl 500 copies *Starts shipping July 2019*

When good friends come together in synergy to create art, magic happens. In that space when we’re comfortable to be ourselves, raw and vulnerable, creativity can flow organically. This is exemplified in The Bakery from Montreal producer Atamone and M.C. vocalist and beat maker Illa J. With an audible nod to classic hip hop production Atamone skillfully drizzles in the sweet and soulful foundations while Illa J brings the verbal icing. Each track will take its turn being your favourite so bake at 420 for 12 minutes, let cool and let the feast for your ears melt you like butter cream.

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Inner Ocean Records Best of 2018 Mix

Inner Ocean Records Best of 2018 mix up on YouTube! Highlighting some of our favourite selections from each release of 2018. Much love to all the artists who worked with us last year, y’all are amazing!

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Interview on Keakie

Big ups to James (aka Psygon) from Keakie for having this chat with us, Cory and Mike from Inner Ocean talk about the label's origins, the philosophy behind what we do and some of the projects we work on.

It's a long one so pour up a cup of coffee and dive in!

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Inner Ocean Mix for Chillhop

Much love to the guys over at Chillhop Music for asking us to do an exclusive mix that's up on their YouTube channel.

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