Bilo 503

Berlin-based Bilo 503 (now Late on You) is a producer and beatmaker who is known for his true lo-fi sound consisting of stripped-down beats and warbly melodies drenched in tape saturation. He creates gritty surf-wave soundscapes fit for those hazy summer days that belong to the youth.

Joining Inner Ocean Records in 2014 Bilo 503 has released four solo albums, and is featured on the Futures Vol. 4 and Bless Vol 2. compilations. His debut albums Dunia and Arecibo are super laid-back beat tapes full of jazzy keys and smooth funk-inspired loops. His final and most celebrated album Bayybe is one of the most honest farewell albums we’ve heard.  His skill in simple and deliberate layering of synthesizer, guitar, drums and 4track tape make this entire album a true Bilo 503 masterpiece and an excellent introduction for those not familiar with his music. 

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