Dokkodo Sounds

Dokkodo Sounds is the main artistic project of Leeds-based artist Thomas Trueman. The producer, composer, and sound designer creates lofi, ambient, and downtempo instrumentals with nostalgic melodies and hazy beats steeped in Japanese aural influence. Much respected for his community-oriented approach to creating and sharing in the music-making process, Thomas is also an educator of electronic music production at the Leeds conservatory. When not producing ear-caressing tracks, you can find him creating sample packs and content for Touch Loops, SoundGhost and Amplify, isoS Apps Launchpad and Blocs Wave.

Dokkodo's name derives from a book, The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone), written by one of the greatest swordsman in 1645 Japan, Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote the book in preparation for his own death, and it contains 21 precepts on how best to live your life.

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