Charlie Dreaming

Charlie Dreaming is the ambient moniker of Cory Giordano, founder of both Inner Ocean Records and Drift Label. When he’s not curating releases and running a label, he’s crafting an atmospheric sound equal parts minimal, soothing and expansive. Relaxing guitars and hypnotic synths perfect for reflection and tranquility; to reconnect with the self. Releasing multiple EPs and split singles since first launching in early 2018, Charlie Dreaming’s growing discography sounds like a vast ocean, a drifting cloud, a vibrant meditation designed to elevate and uplift. 
 While Charlie Dreaming is the latest musical incarnation, Giordano has devoted over 15 years to ambient and chill music as a creator, DJ and event coordinator. Label and community platform Inner Ocean Records, born in 2012, was conceived as a vehicle for artists to have their music heard and seen. The label is building a community of passionate people surrounding a great sound and consistent feeling: laid back, honest and forever chill. 2018 saw the emergence of our sub-label Drift, focusing on Ambient and Meditation music.

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