Inner Ocean 4Trak

Tape Loop Max For Live Device

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Inspired by tape looping and audio manipulation on a 4 track Tascam Portastudio, we present the Inner Ocean 4trak, a Max for Live Device that takes the workflow and analog sound design into the digital domain for Ableton Live users.

Designed and built in partnership with Peter Bark and Woulg, we spent over 2 years refining and perfecting this device until we knew that we had landed on something super special and unique that doesn't exist anywhere else.  It's no secret we love all things analog, both in the music creation process and for listening formats.  As creators ourselves, we wanted the sound and workflow of playing with audio on a hardware tape unit but with the convenience and expanded functionality of working in the box.  With hardware tape units becoming harder to find and getting a lot more expensive, the Inner Ocean 4trak makes it super easy for any sound creator to start experimenting with tape loops.

We hope you love working with the Inner Ocean 4trak as much as we do, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email either or

Download comes bundled with a PDF manual and sample pack created by Peter Bark, containing a mix of 40 loops split into 10 groups of 4, specifically designed to be drag and dropped right into the device for instant playability.

* To install the device, drag the entire contents of the zip folder into your Max for Live Instruments folder *

This device needs Max for Live to function which is found in versions of Live Suite.


Inner Ocean 4trak Contest!

Music creator community, join us in our latest contest to dive deep into the world of tape looping and sound design with our latest Max for Live device, the Inner Ocean 4trak.  We created a plugin that takes analog tape looping into the digital environment, opening up new worlds of possibilities and we want to hear what you create! For the next 4 weeks, submissions will be open for songs created with the 4trak.


- Contest Opens Feb 17
- Plugin download is available on the Inner Ocean website
- Make a song using the Inner Ocean 4trak as a main element in your song 
- All genres accepted
- Collaborations with other artist will also be accepted
- Entries are made by posting a video of your song to Instagram and tagging @inneroceanrecords and @peterbarkmusic
- Final date to submit your song is March 17
- Winners will be announced about 1 week after closing date

What we’re looking for
- The plugin is used to create a main element in your song
- We want to hear creative uses of the plugin! If you did something super cool with it show us in a video and tag us!
- Best overall songs will be selected, no matter the genre.
- A sample pack is provided with the plugin as a starting point to see what’s possible, but they are not required to be used in your song.


Top 10 songs submitted will be featured on a limited edition tape cassette and be made available on the Inner Ocean website and distributed to select stores around the world. All artists featured on the tape will receive a copy of the tape.

Top 3 winners will also receive a $50 gift card that can be used for anything on the Inner Ocean webstore.

Contest judges will be Cory Giordano and Peter Bark from Inner Ocean.

PDF Manual