Even in the chaos, there’s a way to reset your sonic palette.

Inner Ocean Records is a platform and collective for emerging artists to release music. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the label was conceptualized in 2012 as a vehicle for artists to have their music heard and build community.  We created what we would have loved to have as artists ourselves. We recognize that the needs of each artist vary drastically, and we have made a conscious commitment to be transparent and adaptable.


We are a label for artists, by artists. 

We’ve built the backbone of this label around the simple feeling of great sound; laid back, honest and forever chill. Right now, we’re focused on experimental hip-hop influenced by jazz, soul, and all things lo-fi. Since our inception, we have prioritized natural evolution and organic growth in the music – we value the process and accept change.  


We are a DIY label.

Inner Ocean is run by a grassroots, close-knit team that handles nearly everything in house with a keen eye for professional quality products and design. This type of approach emphasizes the community element of music that we grew up appreciating. After all, that’s why we started this label.  Our approach affords us the leniency to create our own rules and establish unique modes of operation.  


 We duplicate, press, and share.

One of the things we love most about music is being able to hold it in our hands and put it in the hands of others. We think it’s essential to release our music on physical formats like tape cassettes and vinyl records as a means of honouring the craft. Recently, we began offering Tape Cassette Duplication for artists and small labels as a means of promoting the physicality in music and offering another outlet of creative collaboration. 


What’s with the name Inner Ocean?

For those who don’t know, Calgary is a city surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of prairies, mountains, and forest. Our home base is perched amidst an ocean of land. We see the vastness of this landscape as a direct reflection of the internal experience of music, an endless source of inspiration and creativity.


Principles Upon Which We Are Founded
+ No matter how big we get, never lose the small scale mentality
+ It's not about innovation, we want to build integrity
+ We want to highlight talent and quality
+ Adapt slowly and create our own rules
+ Have no expectations; see what happens
+ Develop community
+ Keep it chill


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