Borealism - Ripples in the Stream

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Catalog: INNER0063
Format: Vinyl + Tape Cassette + Digital

//140g Black Vinyl.  11 tracks, 32min runtime. 100 copies - SOLD OUT
//Aqua Tape Cassettes. 11 tracks, 32 minute run time. 100 copies.

Borealism returns with his Sophomore release on Inner Ocean, Ripples in the Stream, his most important work to date!  Borealism is on a whole other level when it comes to sculpting sonic worlds, a perfect balance between light and dark.  Opening the album with Grievances and Bewitched, moods both deep and powerful, with bass lines that will bring a tear to your eye.   Delightfully contrasted with Borealism's more ambient side, Fly, Little Blackbird  and Soleil Noir, so incredibly warm and enriched with feeling.  To complete the perfect package we pressed a limited number of LP's, a physical format that perfectly expresses these audio vibes.  

Simple put we love this album!  It's music and artists like this that get us up every morning and do what we do. Enjoy!

Artwork by: Barney Dwyer
Mastered by: Brother Mynor

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A1 Grievances
A2 Bewitched
A3 Reflections (w/ am.)
A4 Subshield (w/ dwyer)
A5 Evil Spaces
B1 Fly, Little Blackbird
B2 Magnolia Dream
B3 Twilight Tea (feat. destiny X)
B4 Stonehand
B5 Soleil Noir
B6 Glider