Ideism - Everblue

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Catalog: INNER098
Format: Tape Cassette // Digital 

//White Tapes 50 copies. Comes with 3 postcard size Painting Prints by Ideism.

With its roots grounded deep within the earth, Everblue stretches its sonic limbs far into the atmosphere. Warm bass lines blanket twinkling keys with soulful reverence, while crisp swinging percussion drives us gently forward into forever. Ideism's precise use of textures and tones make Everblue the perfect jazz infused listen for the long winter months.

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Album Art: Ideism

1. Intro // Waves
2. Voyage
3. Cascade
4. Lone Temple
5. Night Crawlers
6. Routine
7. Ghost
8. Shores
9. Endgame
10. Astral Relaxation
11. Everblue
12. Float 
13. Outro -- Clouds