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Charlie Dreaming

Healing Dreams 2

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Format: Digital / Streaming 
Catalog: DRFT010 

The second piece in the Healing Dreams series. 

Two new songs that were made as a personal remedy for some inner quietude. Between Worlds reflects on the constant duality in our lives, being pushed and pulled in multiple directions, the resulting sound resting somewhere in between heaven and earth; lifted into space while also being firmly planted in the ground below. Composed as a slow build up to a conversation between opposing forces coming together in an open palette. 

Drifting Apart carries forward that conversation, collecting the pieces of ourselves that slowly slip away without our noticing. Life can become a dizzying cloud, scattered and dispersed, hard to capture the view in its entirety and make any sense of it. There is a certain gravity to our being when present and still, through that careful observation we can feel the pieces pull back together, coalesce back into ourselves.

Artwork by Hines


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