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true colors

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Catalog: DRFT021
Format: Digital / Streaming

v e n n returns with a sophomore EP "true colors" on Drift, this time each track features a collaboration with a fellow ambient producer. Each song dances between dark and light elements, often distant pianos, layered foley overtop spacious atmospheres.

One of the beautiful things about artist collaborations is you get a little piece of each producers style represented and often the songs take on new directions that can be unexpected and delightful. v e n n has found his true colors in his latest EP.
released May 15, 2020


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Artwork photo by Ross @ Atmospherics 

1. if there is light (feat. Drifting Currents)
2. elizabeth (feat. Blumerle)
3. never ending shadow (feat. Alpine Road)
4. changing minds (feat. Arbee)