1. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  2. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  3. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  4. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  5. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  6. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  7. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm
  8. Tape - Blackbird Belle - Microcosm

Blackbird Belle


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Catalog: INNER162
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Streaming

Rubine Red Cassette Tapes // 100 copies worldwide

// STREAM //

Blackbird Belle’s third album Microcosm, continues the evolution of an artistic mind focused on tone and clarity of detail—a feat only possible when you move from surface level experience to something much more immersive: a world within a world. The grooviest of any previous Blackbird Belle releases, Microcosm dives deeper into the spectrum of mood, giving the listener the feeling of reaching a rare altitude. 

Lifted by a beautiful and soulful airiness, the opener Jubilee is a sunbeam, optimistic and pure. Champagne Birthday, ushers in more heart-warming sentiment as we begin to explore Blackbird Belle’s sonic world-building. One might find themselves in a blissful trance listening to tracks Kyoto Recall and Illuminance. Moving to the end, a stretch of softer, almost melancholic tracks in the form of Embryonic and Null & Void are contrasted with the uplifting beatstrumental Apollo, a nice closer for the album, bringing things full circle. Microcosm is a portal to small and seemingly insignificant worlds, where untold grander truths have yet to reveal themselves. 

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Artwork by Kass Ilagan
Tape Design by Zack Mitchell

1. Jubilee
2. Champagne Birthday
3. The Garden
4. I Know
5. Kyoto Recall
6. Ancient History
7. Illuminance
8. Embryonic
9. Null & Void
10. Apollo