1. Tape - Drift - 4 Tape Box Set
  2. Tape - Drift - 4 Tape Box Set
  3. Tape - Drift - 4 Tape Box Set
  4. Tape - Drift - 4 Tape Box Set
  5. Tape - Drift - 4 Tape Box Set


4 Tape Box Set

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In Celebration of the 3 year anniversary of our ambient sub-label DRIFT, we’ve created a Limited Edition 4 Tape Box Set that contains 34 separate EP releases with a total of 100 tracks. The set contains over 6hrs worth of ambient music for you to drift away with.

DRIFT was created in Spring 2018 to be the home of our diverse and passionate ambient artist community. Since that time we have discovered and worked with a ton of amazing artists making gorgeous ambient music across the globe. We are so incredibly proud, humbled and inspired to be surrounded by such talented creators, and unbelievably excited to share their work with you in this limited physical format.

This tape set is the first time any of these tracks have been released in physical format - and what better way than in a beautiful set of tapes with gorgeous photographs by @atmospherics

Thank you for Drifting with us all these years :)

released Apr 23, 2021

*Tapes made with Type II High Bias Chrome, recorded in Real Time for best fidelity* 

Tape Design by: Cory Giordano
Photography by: Ross @ Atmospherics Photography

Tape 1 - Side A [44 min runtime]
Charlie Dreaming - Healing Dreams
Charlie Dreaming - Sleep Tones
Arbee - Atténuation
Remi Solati - Patagonia
Arbee - Tout en retenu
Not Yourself & Josh McCausland - Pursuance

Tape 1 - Side B [44 min runtime]
Charlie Dreaming - Soft Hypnotic 
v e n n - imaginary line
Charlie Dreaming - Drift

Tape 2 - Side A [46 min runtime]
Charlie Dreaming - Healing Dreams 2
Andrew Stephen - In Your Atmosphere
reviiver - resting
reviiver - ukiyo
Charlie Dreaming x Yutaka Hirasaka - Spiritual Overtones
Charlie Dreaming - Social Fabric

Tape 2 - Side B [45 min runtime]
Norvik - In Between
Dokkodo Sounds - Sea Tumble
Warm LCD - Verda

Tape 3 - Side A [47 min runtime]
Andrew Stephen - Regenerate
Peter Bark - Astral Ecotone
Charlie Dreaming - Meditation [Spirit Cleanse]
Arbee & Andrew Stephen - Echo of Nature

Tape 3 - Side B [47 min runtime]
Ave Grave - Westward Drift
Arbee & v e n n - Transpaque
Not Yourself - Wake

Tape 4 - Side A [47 min runtime]
Distance Learning - Deep Water Libraries
v e n n - true colors
Watercolors - Repose
Remi Solati - Tierra Del Fuego
Montane District x Charlie Dreaming - Stellar Planes

Tape 4 - Side B [48 min runtime]
Soon - Midnight
Peter Bark - Eventide
Late Era - Atone
Arbee - À demi-mot