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Slow (Motion And Movement)

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Label: Be With Records (UK)
Catalog: BEWITH 135LP

Slow (Motion And Movement), originally released on Sonoton in 1980, is super-sought-after and full of crazy dubby, super slow and super heavy library breaks. It's also home to blinding new age/synthy tracks that are equally great. It's varied throughout, but all absolutely fantastic. Slow features KPM/Bruton/Sonoton-legend John Fiddy, the mighty Sonoton founder and composer, arranger and conductor Gerhard Narholz in two of his best-loved guises -- Sammy Burdson and Norman Candler -- as well as a couple of fine offerings from Antonio Campo. The audio for Slow (Motion And Movement) has been remastered by Be With regular Simon Francis, ensuring this release sounds better than ever. Cicely Balston's expert skills have made sure nothing is lost in the cut whilst the original, iconic sleeve has been restored here at Be With HQ as the finishing touch to this long overdue re-issue.

Track Listing:
A1. Antonio Campo - Slow Business 1 (2:23)
A2. Antonio Campo - Slow Business 2 (1:37)
A3. Norman Candler - Moody You (2:31)
A4. Antonio Campo - Slow Groovement (2:26)
A5. Sammy Burdson - Slow Reactor 1 (2:01)
A6. Sammy Burdson - Slow Reactor 2 (2:01)
A7. Sammy Burdson - Threat To Research (1:47)
A8. Sammy Burdson - Ion Exchanger (1:41)
A9. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Wave Motions (1:52)
A10. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Slow Motion Link (0:26)
B1. Sammy Burdson - Scenic Vision 1 (3:05)
B2. Sammy Burdson - Scenic Vision 2 (1:37)
B3. Sammy Burdson - Scenic Vision 3 (1:36)
B4. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Study In Brown (4:43)
B5. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Deja Vu 1 (1:44)
B6. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Deja Vu 2 (1:44)
B7. John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson - Glistening Surface (2:33)
B8. Sammy Burdson - Laser Fight (1:07)