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Peter Bark

Ep. 4

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Catalog: INNER137
Format: Digital / Double Vinyl / Tape


Dan Panarese (aka Peter Bark) from Brooklyn, NY, always holds true to his artistic vision, forever keeping to his own lane, whether it's crafting beats, house or ambient music. Late September of 2019, Panarese travelled to Calgary, AB, to produce music at the Inner Ocean Records HQ, a dark warehouse in the rail yards to the east of town. Artists are given tons of gear and equipment at their disposal to make whatever music they wanted, allowing the space and environment to help inform their creations.

Right away Panarese was pulling apart tape cassettes, using the 4 track Tascam Portastudio to layer endless ultra lush synth and guitar droning tape loops. The following days were spent experimenting with sound design and collecting a vibrant palette of loops and segments that he would later use to sculpt an ambient EP that flows in a continuous 3 part movement. His creation is truly out of this world, each listen revealing new layers of depth and detail.

Peter Bark completed the final episode in the Warehouse Collection of artist residencies. All 4 episodes are released together on a Double LP Vinyl and Tape Cassette edition to immortalize a special time in Inner Ocean history.

Music produced by Dan Panarese
Photograph by Cory Giordano
Cover Design by Kiel Perchinig @ Epigram Design

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