Furozh - Know Idea

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Catalog: INNER054
Format: Tape Cassette // Digital 

With a plea for good karma and an ode to underground hip-hop, Furozh Peace (New York, NY) presents Know Idea. A tinge of lyrical protest buries itself in the mantle this tape rests upon. It’s precise, yet maintains a subtle trippiness that’s incredibly enticing.

//C32 White Tapes. 50 copies worldwide - SOLD OUT

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1. Intro.wav 
2. Sky 
3. Floating/Messed Up.wav 
4. Winter 
5. Night Love 
6. Wednesday Morning 
7. Once In A While 
8. Lost In Music 
9. Imagine 
10. Uptown Soul 
11. No More Favoritism 
12. Know Idea 
13. Still A Dream 
14. Escape 
15. Love Games 
16. You (Let Me Be The One) 
17. Nappy Heads 
18. Black Sugar 
19. Finally 
20. Smile To The Night