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Label: Vinyl Magic
Catalog No: VMLP259

Release Notes
  • Featuring music from Tie Me Up! (1980), For Love (1976), and more!
  • Pressed on Clear Vinyl
  • Italian + Soundtrack + Classical

The romantic side of Maestro Morricone contrasts the dramatic side of Thriller and Crime genre where dissonances always dominate. For TIE ME UP! (1989), Morricone composed a delicate love theme for his one and only collaboration with the great Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar. For FOR LOVE (1976), he created a motif for piano and orchestra as a background to a love triangle. The first sexual experiences of a teenager with older women at the end of the war in DISOBEDIENCE (1981) are accompanied by piano, strings, and oboe. “Desperate love theme” from MAKING LOVE (2000) is a very nostalgic classic tune for violin and orchestra. “Per le antica scale (Preludio)” from DOWN THE ANCIENT STAIRS (1975) is a captivating, slow and sensual, love tune for piano and orchestra with a predominant flute solo. “Beata and Joe” from THE STAR MAKER (1995), a sentimental theme for the two protagonists performed by an orchestra with the intervention of a classical guitar in the second part. The crystal voice of soprano Edda Dell’Orso appears very frequently in Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks as in the case of THE GOOD THIEF (1980), THE MASTER AND MARGARITA (1972), WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1972), ORIENT EXPRESS (1979).