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Santa Rita

Apple Fritter

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Sweet tooth? Santa Rita has got your cravings covered. The Philadelphia duo's sun-soaked track 'Apple Fritter' comes perfectly paired with the lullaby-esque 'Frankincense' - an addictive melodic treat showcasing the pair's mastery in layering tasty guitar and trumpets with yummy beats. We can guarantee this is the snack you're looking for. 

Santa Rita is a lofi hip-hop duo based out of Philadelphia that consists of guitarist and producer Eric Lozano and trumpeter and producer Seth Sheffler-Collins. The producer duo creates a range of lofi music with some tracks that get you hype, some tracks that make you chill out, and some that do both.

The two met in April 2020 when Eric put out a lofi sample pack contest to lift the spirits of musicians who were at a stand still during the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. Seth laid a killer trumpet on the sample pack track and ended up winning the contest. From there, Eric and Seth stayed connected, began producing music together, and decided to create Santa Rita as a producer duo in September 2020.



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