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  2. Baechulgi - Eclipse - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Baechulgi - Eclipse - Inner Ocean Records
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Catalog: INNER095
Format: Vinyl // Tape Cassette // Digital

C20 White Cassette // 50 copies SOLD OUT
10 Inch Black Vinyl // 200 copies 

// STREAM //


Bathed in moonbeams under a dense tropical aura, Hawaiian based Baechulgi presents  Eclipse her debut album with Inner Ocean, a whimsical journey from the middle of the Pacific straight out to space and back. Eclipse is delivered as the name would suggest, a single stellar body with two distinct halves; first movement in the light, energetic and full of life, the mood shifts in the second movement when day becomes night and the hidden spirits emerge.

Baechulgi herself is elusive and shrouded in mystery, we are ever thankful that she has blessed us all with this musical gem, a truly special release that highlights her talents as a producer and story teller.  Eclipse is an absolute must for the collection, pressed on wax in a limited run of 200 copies to artifact this beautiful journey.

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Artwork by Zom Kashwak

A1 dawn
A2 sun god
A3 the followers
A4 climax
A5 golden hour
B1 the breath of the moon
B2 letting go
B3 after hours
B4 midnight
B5 eclipse