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  2. Dominic Pierce - Slurpee Swing - Inner Ocean Records

Dominic Pierce

Slurpee Swing

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Catalog: INNER141
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette


Surprise drop! In honor of 7-11 Day, we present Dominic Pierce’s “Slurpee Swing”. The latest in what has become a slurpee mixtape epic, is a sweet, sweet concoction of sticky R&B, New Jack and 80's vibes, pitched down to the perfect deep, colorful wavelengths. Now with more swing to blast you with icy cool flavor.

Love and mad respect to the greats Ohbliv, Madlib, Dilla, DJ Harrison, Knxwledge, Awhlee, Dibiase, and soulful sources of inspiration such as Angela Winbush, Miki Howard, Melissa Morgan, Phyllis Hyman, and others.

This tape is a Bandcamp/Tape exclusive!
That means you won't find this on any other streaming services. To get these beats you gotta cop a Tape or Download here or on Bandcamp ;)

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1. come thru (for u)
2. super ice
3. vanilla twist
4. good morning (kona blend)
5. lime soda
6. magic light
7. crush (searchin)
8. cool rush (sensations)
9. fantasy milk
10. tamarind
11. love loop ultra (1L Fiji)