1. Es-K - Only So Much Time - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Es-K - Only So Much Time - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Es-K - Only So Much Time - Inner Ocean Records
  4. Es-K - Only So Much Time - Inner Ocean Records
  5. Es-K - Only So Much Time - Inner Ocean Records


Only So Much Time

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Catalog: INNER135
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital 

Black Vinyl // 250 copies worldwide

Pink/Blue Tapes //  100 copies worldwide 

// STREAM //


Vermont based beat maker legend, Es-K (aka Essential Knowledge), shows up to elevate the game once again with his newest LP "Only So Much Time".  An eclectic blend of instrumental hip hop beats with elements of jazz, ambient and psychedelic electronics, featuring a plethora of Es-K's friends and crew playing different instruments on nearly every track.  "Only So Much Time" ebbs and flows through a myriad of little intricacies and motifs that requires repeat listens to really catch all of the wonderful details that Es-K has poured into this album.  "Only So Much Time" is possibly some of Es-K's best work to date and will surely be one of the highlights of 2020 releases guaranteed!

In Order of Appearance:
Produced, mixed, & mastered by Es-K
Trumpet by John Culbreth on tracks 1 & 14
Additional keyboards by Danny Whitney on tracks 1 & 2
Bass by Dan Bishop on tracks 2 & 11
Additional production and composition by Dope Dee on track 2
Guitar by Max Bronstein-Paritz on tracks 5, 6, 7, 9, & 11
Guitar and bass by Metic on track 7
Bass by Gas Lab on track 8
Additional composition by The Brothers Nylon on track 10
Keyboard solo by Paulie Philippone on track 14


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1. Amanita
2. Here We Are (ft. Dope Dee)
3. In Due Time
4. It Is What It Is
5. All Relative
7. I Wonder (ft. Metic)
8. Ataloss (ft. Gas Lab)
9. Innahaze
10. Subsea (ft. The Brothers Nylon)
11. Pour Me Another
12. By A Thread
13. Head Space
14. World Travel