1. Kazumi Kaneda - Hard Light - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Kazumi Kaneda - Hard Light - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Kazumi Kaneda - Hard Light - Inner Ocean Records
  4. Kazumi Kaneda - Hard Light - Inner Ocean Records

Kazumi Kaneda

Hard Light

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Catalog: INNER067
Format: Vinyl // Tape Cassette // Digital 

Black Vinyl //  300 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
Japan Edition comes with OBI (sold in Japan only through Jazzy Sport).
Lavender Tapes // 100 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
Black Tapes // 30 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

 Hard Light is the 3rd full length album by the talented jazz musician and composer Kazumi Kaneda. The second release on Inner Ocean Records, the album is as uplifting as it is precise, with fantastic swinging drum arrangements that take masterful piano and guitar arrangements to a world of instant cool. A little bit throwback, a little bit lofi, and a lot of pure feeling, this jazzy hip hop release feels right in a smoke filled lounge or in your car stereo while you cruise toward the sunset.

A wildly artistic producer, Kaneda’s Hard Light was produced and mastered entirely by himself in his Tokyo home studio, with the imaginative album artwork also his own.

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Artwork by: Kazumi Kaneda

Mastered by: Kazumi Kaneda

A1 Impulse
A2 Empty Planet
A3 Hourglass
A4 Night Fox
A5 Smog
A6 Code Page
A7 Tinnitus
B1 Single Call
B2 Infinite Verification
B3 Mind Relaxation
B4 Ink Ribbon
B5 Marvelous (feat. NiCE)
B6 No Way Out