1. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records
  4. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records
  5. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records
  6. Chino Corvalán - Endless Era - Inner Ocean Records

Chino Corvalán

Endless Era

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Label: Urban Waves / Radio Juicy

Limited edition Blue Vinyl - 100 copies
The vinyl edition has 14 of the tracks (the digital album has 5 bonus tracks). 

Hailing from Paraguay in South America, Chino Corvalán is a talented young musician, composer and producer. For this gem of an album titled "Endless Era" he invited a lot of his musician friends from all around the world to perform and record the songs that he wrote. The album represents an age of spiritual elevation in the form of contemporary, modern, free jazz. As a live performer and stage musician Chino learned a lot of different instruments and express himself with music in a natural way. Endless Era is his most ambitious project to date including 18 songs that will impress and please all the fans of the genre. The album sounds like it will be a cult piece of the Jazz culture in the years to come.

Chino's words:
Endless Era is the collection of music I wrote in the last part of the pandemic, it was a true and honest moment of creating music, specially with my friends Telemakus and Ted Taforo, we been collaborating and sharing music for the last 3 years, and the process was so natural and fluid. Mainly because we think the same way when it comes to the process of music creation.

“Endless Era is a tribute to a certain way of creating instrumental music that should never end”

All the songs represent a honest moment of life and music for me. Each songs were recorded and mixed in my studio, where I’ve been using the same setup trough the past few years. With the exception of the remote recordings from my dear friends.

All compositions, arrangements and editions by Chino Corvalán

Chino Corvalán - Fretless Bass, Fretted Bass, Rhodes, Piano, Synth, Pads, Strings, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals, Program

Featuring Artists
-Telemakus on Piano, Rhodes, Synth, Pads (on tracks 1,3,6,8,12,14)
Arrangement (on tracks 6,12,14)
Composition melody B (on track 14) Composition Melody (on track 8)

-Ted Taforo Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax (on tracks 1,2,3,4,9,15,17,18)
Composition melody (on tracks 1,2,18)
Composition melody B (on track 17)

-Tamuz Drums (2, 10,13)
-Seba Ramirez Drums (14)
-Victor Alvarez Piano (5)

All tracks Mixed by Chino Corvalán
Mastering by sterilOne at STAUB engineering Vienna
Artwork by Kim Dohee

Urban Waves Records © 2022
released November 17, 2022