1. Vinyl - Vienna - Some Alternate Timelines
  2. Vinyl - Vienna - Some Alternate Timelines
  3. Vinyl - Vienna - Some Alternate Timelines
  4. Vinyl - Vienna - Some Alternate Timelines
  5. Vinyl - Vienna - Some Alternate Timelines


Some Alternate Timelines

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Amazing quality vinyl with a very special color black transparent marble "Cola Colored". The vinyl is strictly limited and has an incredible mastering to provide for the best listening experience!

Urban Waves Records presents "Some Alternate Timelines”, the new album by Canadian producer Liam Mansfield a.k.a. Vienna. Hailing from Montreal, the young producer is known for his unique sound, drawing inspiration from a rich blend of styles ranging from funk, electronic, jazz, hip hop and even disco. The album takes you on a visit to Vienna's world. As it’s name indicates, we're landing in a parallel universe where things took a different path but nuances are subtle. Rhythms are off kilter, synths are strangely crunchy, electric piano chords bubble up and fly away, and yet somehow it all pulls together beautifully. Discovering these unique sonic elements is part of the experience, and as you progress through the album it's hard not to become infatuated. Vienna's music has a very singular charm and feel that will take you by surprise, but once you're struck it feels natural and familiar.

The album comes along a very unique and limited vinyl edition with a special color, a marbled black on transparent. The perfect mastering gives the vinyl an extra punch specially on the basses that just feel otherworldly on the analog format.

Music written and produced by Vienna
Artwork by Ivan Merlin (aka Stab Master Arson)
Mastering by Mike Weidinger aka sterilone at Staub Engineering
Published, manufactured and distributed by Urban Waves

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