Yutaka Hirasaka

In The Moment

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Catalog: INNER163
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital 

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Red Tapes // 150 copies worldwide

Yutaka Hirasaka’s latest full length album “In The Moment” is another masterpiece from the prolific Tokyo based guitarist and producer.  Unabashedly true to himself, forever holding to his own style and vision, his latest effort is a keystone into the guitarists highly colourful lexicon.  If we look at Hirasaka’s proud list of influences such as John Frusciante, Fugazi, Tortoise, J Dilla and Keifer, the picture becomes clear how Hirasaka lands on his unique compositions that combine seemingly disparate genres into effective songs that are equally catchy as they are challenging. 

The release comes on a collectible tape cassette featuring the unmistakable artwork of Ivan Merlin (aka Stab Master Arson), painting Hirasaka’s Tokyo apartment studio into a beautiful abstraction. A must have for the fans of true and good music!

Artwork by Ivan Merlin

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1. Now And Then
2. Time Will Tell
3. Embrace
4. Scab
5. Circle
6. August Rain
7. Fresh Air
8. Free As A Bird
9. Equal
10. Lino
11. Today
12. Thinking About You