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  5. Vinyl - HOME GROWN Compilation

HOME GROWN Compilation

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Catalog: INNER074
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Digital

Sky Blue/Pink Haze Vinyl // 300 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
Emerald Green // 100 copies


C40 Tape Cassette.
Leaf Green Tape // 10 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
Crystal Green Tape // 15 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
White Tapes // 50 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
Pink Tapes // 50 copies worldwide  SOLD OUT
Black Tapes // 50 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

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Modern music has been irrevocably changed by the home producer.  With a few simple tools anyone with the desire and the creative juice can sit down in any space and craft some stellar music.  This is truly remarkable!  The communities that have blossomed out of this way of making music are nothing short of amazing.  

HOME GROWN is our way of celebrating this great achievement in music and community!  Together with STEEZYASFUCK, we have gathered some of our friends to put together this compilation of super fine instrumental beats, each of the 15 artists with their own unique flavour and style.  We couldn't be more proud and excited with the result, packaged up with the perfect original painting by Ivan Merlin.  Sit back, enjoy the vibes and when you're done go link up with your mates and make some beats, keep spreading that love❤

Review - The Rust

A1 Keem The Cipher - (the i in we)
A2 Eevee - Wonderland
A3 Seneca B - Ethic
A4 Rudemanners - Flow
A5 Soho - Cenario
A6 Kazumi Kaneda - Stepp Cliff
B1 Axian - Daydream
B2 Idealism - Evenings
B3 Arbour - Bump This
B4 Knowmadic - Roam
B5 Oatmello - Juice
B6 Dominic Pierce - Energy Stream
B7 Borealism - Hxmegrxwn
B8 Kawfee - Satin
B9 Senoy - Tibet