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Lofi Fusion Vol. 1

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Full Body Print Tapes //  200 copies worldwide 

Founded by producer and saxophonist Louk Cox, Cole Slaw Records is an international recording and production collective headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, drawing from a network of creative talents from Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.

Focusing on the intersection of Hip Hop and Jazz in the digital era, we strive to widen and blend our community of artists and listeners by shedding light on new perspectives and different backgrounds, being an inclusive and authentic representation of the culture.

Lofi Fusion is our first ever cassette release in collaboration with Inner Ocean Records and features a compilation of our favourite tracks, hand picked out of the 2020-2022 Cole Slaw catalogue.

We hope that the selection of songs resonate with you as they have for us!

Tape Cassette Manufactured and Distributed by Inner Ocean Records.


Soul Food Horns, Cocabona - Oak
UKDD, Slug - Overboard
Clifford, Soul Food Horns, Melatone - Cozy
Melatone, Louk, Noe Mina - Jonde
Noe Mina x Søren Søstrom - San Dune
Desh, Søren Søstrom, Noe Mina - Sentiment
Louk - Fearless
Clifford, Hoffy Beats, Soul Food Horns - Free For All
Clifford, Louk, faff - Norway By Train
Soul Food Horns, No. 18, Elijah Fox - Daydream
Papi Thereso, Louk - Frisbee
Operator:Operator, Melatone - Sunbathing
Louk, Søren Søstrom, Desh - Something Pure
Cocabona, Soul Food Horns, Desh - Cyprus
Noe Mina, Sam Hudgens - Always Enough
Slug, Søren Søstrom, Yasper - Jump Ship
Clifford - Oceanside
Slug - Hungry


Glimlip, Søren Søstrom, Soul Food Horns - Meeting Of The Minds
Nocatchphraze, Noe Mina - Afterwork
Clifford, Søren Søstrom, Noe Mina - Judo Chop
Desh, Søren Søstrom, Noe Mina, No. 18 - Submotions
Nocatchphraze, Anton - Mad Summer
Soul Food Horns, No. 18, Noe Mina - Foxtrot
Glimlip, Søren Søstrom, Slug - Victory Lap
Cocabona, Slug, Noe Mina - They Seem To Speak
Clifford, Hoffy Beats, Louk - Riviera
Glimlip, Søren Søstrom, Soul Food Horns, Slug - Dr. Disclosure
Desh, Nocatchphraze, Soul Food Horns - City Strollin'
Soul Food Horns, UKDD - Strut
Desh, Delaney, Noe Mina - Neon Stars
SamuW, Mendeville, Soul Food Horns - Agua Clara
Clifford, Desh, Louk - One Hitter
Glimlip, Slug, Noe Mina - Nest Egg