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  2. Blackbird Belle - Celestial Nighthawk - Inner Ocean Records

Blackbird Belle

Celestial Nighthawk

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Catalog: INNER128
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette 

Ivory Cassette Tapes // 100 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

Inner Ocean Records presents "Celestial Nighthawk", the debut instrumental hip hop album from Zack Mitchell, aka Blackbird Belle. While being a new producer to the beat scene, by no means is this a novice effort! Mitchell brings years of production experience and a cult following from his days composing under the ambient electronic moniker Atra Aeterna.

Drawing from his background as a clean and intricate electronic producer, "Celestial Nighthawk" is a methodically written album, fleshed out with just the right amount of warmth and grit, making it stand out from your typical lofi beat tape. Ultra wide and crisp drums, tape saturated piano and guitar, horn sections and vocal samples all melding perfectly in the mix.

"Celestial Nighthawk" will be rotating in your playlists and tape decks for years to come. Keep your eyes and ears on Blackbird Belle:) 


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Artwork by Hector Mansilla 
Tape Design by Zack Mitchell

1. Down to Embers
2. Chromatic Aberration
3. The Sum of the Lonely
4. Minor Arcana
5. Runnin' Like Clockwork (Extended Mix)
6. Incantations
7. Moonlit
8. Royal Blues
9. Over You
10. Celestial Nighthawk