1. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite
  2. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite
  3. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite
  4. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite
  5. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite
  6. Vinyl - Jabbu - The Quiet Respite


The Quiet Respite

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Catalog: INNER150
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Digital 

Black Vinyl // 100 copies worldwide 
Tapes // 100 copies worldwide 

// STREAM //


Jabbu's debut LP with Inner Ocean Records has been carefully crafted to take you on an instrumental ride into the great beyond. Mixing a wide range of genres (such as ambient, trip-hop, new-age, and synthwave), The Quiet Respite is a hypnotic mix of colourful synthesizers and percussion coming together to form a timeless piece of art. 

Kicking the album off, "loss of identity" is a heavy, grandiose trip-hop track the submerges the listener into the cosmic world of Jabbu. Calm ambient moments are sprinkled throughout, like on the delirious cut "Slumped in the rain" or during the second half of "Space Ethos". Chaotic and gritty synths pepper tracks like "BAD TIME" and "a lifetime of regrets". The ever-so-talented Howiewonder and SamuW both appear on the tracklist, adding their own unique style of instrumental flair into the mix. The line between bright/angelic and dark/cavernous is blurred on the track "decompose". The 10 track experience finishes off with "200 years from now", one last stroll through the graveyard of your life before departure.

Jabbu's ability to effortlessly weave meaning and mood into music will excite, engage and provoke all who journey into its domain.


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Artwork by: Alessandro Bianchi Sicioldr

Side A
1. loss of identity
2. space ethos
3. slumped in the rain
5. decompose

Side B 
1. frantic ambitions w/ SamuW
2. more B-Town blues
3.lifetime of regrets w/ Howiewonder
4. The Quiet Respite
5. 200 years from now