Kazumi Kaneda - Beats Note

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Catalog: INNER051
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette

We are pleased to present the sophomore release from Tokyo-based pianist, producer, and composer Kazumi Kaneda. Beats Note is a combination of steady beat and chill melody that features Kaneda’s uncanny ability to bounce between, across, and through the sonic realms of hip-hop and jazz. An homage to the old school groove set upon a steadfast foundation of jazzy piano, Beats Note is incredibly accessible for fresh audiences. Reminiscent of piano visionaries like Robert Glasper, this tape tells stories in abundance. It traces the history of a very unique influence on hip-hop that is all too often ignored. 

It’s bare bones, it’s precise, it’s authentic, and it downright oozes cool. 

C40 Translucent Blue Tapes.

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Kazumi Kaneda 

Artwork/Design : Juicex Chemist

Side A
1. Egbert
2. Third Row
3. Blue Note
4. Karnak
5. Sign Out

Side B
1. Gastronome
2. Another Day
3. Silent Killer
4. Leben
5. Nous