1. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  2. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  3. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  4. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  5. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  6. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  7. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  8. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles
  9. Tape - Tenda Senda - Possibles

Tenda Senda


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Catalog: INNER170
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette //  Digital // Streaming

Limited Edition Tape Cassette features 15 Tracks From Alphabet, Love & Fear & Possibles and boasts full-body artwork by Zom Kashwak. Limited to 350 copies worldwide.

Limited Edition Vinyl LP // 100 copies heavyweight black vinyl.

// STREAM //

If you have been following Inner Ocean Records this past year, you will undoubtedly have noticed a standout newcomer to the Label. Hailing from the north of France, Tenda Senda's debut year at Inner Ocean has demonstrated that we have a master of genuinely infectious chill-hop in our ranks. His latest 5 track EP 'Possibles' is beautiful both sonically and visually - and packaged perfectly on the limited edition tape featuring his 'Alphabet' and "Love & Fear' EPs.

'Possibles' is impossibly uplifting in a way that only Tenda Senda can deliver. The accomplished multi-instrumentalist again proves his skill in layering sparkling instrumentation with buoyant beats to create sublime arrangements that tingle the senses. He can be counted on to consistently produce addictive chill-hop and downtempo melodies that have the power to force "chill mode" onto even the most cynical listeners. We can guarantee you will have this latest release on repeat for some time to come. We know we will.


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Artwork By: Zom Kashwak

1. Grey Thursday w/PiPou
2. Tyavu w/PiPou
3. Six Pack w/PiPou
4. Alphabet w/PiPou
5. Six Pack (Reprise) w/PiPou
6. Love & Fear
7. Piano Piano
8. Q & A

9. Mile Zero
10. The Ballad
11. Possibles
12. Not So Bad You See
13. Inbetween Worlds
14. Rain Finally Fell
15. Bedroom Boredom

Released Mar 25, 2022