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Catalog: DRFT040
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

// STREAM //

Inner Ocean Records & Drift proudly present Gradients, a diverse collection of songs across the ambient musical spectrum. Uniting label alumni with newly welcomed producers, the Gradients compilation was curated by Cory Giordano and Dan Panarese to feature artists from around the world. Each artist was chosen for their unique individual expressions of the ambient genre, with the intention to highlight diversity and creativity in its purest form.

In partnership with the much loved Waltz Tape Store in Tokyo, Japan, we have created a special Tape Cassette Edition of Gradients featuring 23 tracks and over 1hour 40 minutes of music.

Limited to 200 copies worldwide.


Side A
Zac Colwell - Summer Sprinklers
Six Missing - Still Can't Believe It
IDRA - A Moment of Light
Peter Bark - Heart of the Forest
Arbee x Charlie Dreaming - Chinook Wave
Josh McCausland - A Worthless Endeavor
Shinji Wakasa - Deep Slope
yutaka hirasaka - Dear Salinger
Marcus Woods - Signals
Sidd Garrett - Grain of Decay
Rug Rivers  - Vienna 

Side B
Dokkodo Sounds - Floe
Jabbu - boulders blocked the exit
Aqeel Aadam - The Doves
altitude x Isak Gaines - quincey street, midnight
Apolo/Apolo - Infected Land
imagiro - empty field
morimoto naoki - kuu
Borealism - u n l e a r n i n g
v e n n - Lueur
Ave Grave - Tegeler Forst
Korossasu - Watching
A Companion of Owls - Sprain

Curated By: Dan Panarese & Cory Giordano
Mastered By: Cory Giordano
Artwork By: Nicola Van Acker @ studio.koevoet  
Design By: Cory Giordano