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  2. Tape - Bilo 503 - Bayybe
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  4. Tape - Bilo 503 - Bayybe

Bilo 503


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Catalog: INNER071
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Vinyl

// STREAM //

BILO 503’s fourth and final release with Inner Ocean, Bayybe is this Berlin based producer’s most personal and gorgeous work yet.  Bilo is known for his truly lofi sound; stripped down beats and warbly melodies drenched in tape saturation.  Retaining his fundamental sound, Bayybe is more indie than hip hop and by indie we mean gritty dream surf wave. Synthesizer, guitar, drums and 4track tape; the simple tools needed to lay down one of the most honest farewell albums we’ve heard, truly a Bilo 503 masterpiece.

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Released Nov. 24, 2017