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Colour Theory

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Catalog: INNER185
Format: Double LP // Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital 

Limited Edition Double LP // 300 copies worldwide
Limited Edition Tapes // 200 copies worldwide 

Turning the spotlight onto the diverse color spectrum of modern jazz music, "Colour Theory" is a compilation that unites some of the world's most interesting jazz composers, breathing fresh new life into the genre. Presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket on heavy-weight orange vinyl, this double LP release features a myriad of perspectives on today's jazz scene: the spiritually infused works of iconic Brazilian jazz pianist Amaro Freitas, the otherworldly psychedelic sounds of Italian jazz drummer Tommaso Cappellato, the solo works of UK keyboardist Dominic J Marshall (Cinematic Orchestra), the exciting electronic infusion of US-based Keeth and Mad Keys, the alternate take on '70s jazz vibes from Zac Colwell (Of Montreal, Fancy Colors), and the imaginative J-Jazz stylings from Tokyo's Kazumi Kaneda.

We are honored to gather together these boundary-pushing artists and share their kaleidoscope of sounds and influences with the world. We're all just getting started!


Artwork by 

MC Blue Matter

A1 Steve Jackson & Carsten Rubeling - Lifelines
A2 Zac Colwell - The Austin Scene
A3 Kazumi Kaneda - Thought Park
A4 Gas Lab - Shades ft. Andrew Gould & Rober Fighetti
A5 Steve Jackson & Carsten Rubeling - 4CHORDS

B1 Kazumi Kaneda - Batholith Street
B2 Matt Wilde - Clap Clap
B3 Nu Vintage & Pat Van Dyke - Around the Globe
B4 David Lavoie - If I Were Me
B5 Keeth - Rainfalls
B6 Dominic J Marshall - Glassnoodles

C1 Tommaso Cappellato - Ascension
C2 Isak Gaines - Dance of Contradictions
C3 Amaro Freitas - Melanina
C4 Mad Keys - Something Different
C5 Keeth - Roadtrip

D1 Zac Colwell - Enchanted Rock
D2 Roy Markson - Mr. Lament
D3 Slug, Melatone & Søren Søstrom - Look into the Sun
D4 Maple Syrup, T.Check & Paul Midihill - River Flows
D5 Mad Keys - I'm Journaling More


Released April 7, 2023