So Much Light


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Catalog: INNER187

Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital 

// STREAM //

Limited Edition Vinyl // 100 copies worldwide 
Limited Edition Tapes // 100 copies worldwide 

Lose yourself in a bedroom pop dreamscape with walkyouhome, the highly anticipated album release from the incredibly talented So Much Light. 

Inspired by Japanese environmental soundscapes, videogame OSTs, R&B legends like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, and guitar-driven midwest emo bands such as American Football, this album is a beautifully crafted fusion of diverse styles. So Much Light's creative vision has resulted in an album that will positively colour your everyday experiences.

So Much Light's sincere hope is that the listener will find their own space in the music, allowing for a sense of reciprocity that is truly magical. 

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A1 findpeace
A2 disappointed 
A3 freshfruit
A4 becool ft. Banzai Florist
A5 yourquest

B1 shadechasing
B2 daydream
B3 comeclose
B4 withyou
B5 allnightlong

Released April 28, 2023