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Reality Engine

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 160g audiophile black vinyl record housed in a 3mm matte jacket. Full color center labels. White paper innersleeves. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code card included.

"Reality, hypothetical technology, and augmented machines. Everything and nothing is real. Reality Engine is a conduit of what is real and what is imagined. It is a powerful force that shapes emotions, perceptions, and connections. Digital human connections, imagining the truth. What is real?

Enhanced reality converges with sound machines that create immersive digital experiences to augmented reality engines that overlay digital content onto the real world. Sensory inputs that generate realistic and interactive environments. Genuine connections with one another on a profound level, irrespective of their differences. This music encourages a sense of unity and communal belonging, where listeners can find solace and camaraderie within the melodies and harmonies that resonate in their hearts. Can this be real?

A veritas mechanism evoking genuine emotions. Unique and captivating sonic landscapes, digital chants, harmony with futuristic sounds. An authentic, diverse, and transformative force; transcending boundaries, while amplifying the human experience. It embraces the full spectrum of emotions. Is the reality engine simply a veracity propulsor to empower individuals to find meaning and purpose within the ever-changing symphony of existence? Truth can be heard in a world where time and space begin to blur. Is anything real?"

-Written by a human.

All tracks written, produced, and engineered by 36
Design by 36
Cut at WMM
Pressed by GGR
Manufactured and assembled in the USA

Marketed, distributed, and
phonographic copyright:
Past Inside the Present

Matrix / Runout (Side A): PITP-V055-A 'Veritas Mechanism'
Matrix / Runout (Side B): PITP-V055-B 'Veracity Propulsor'

©℗ 2024 Past Inside the Present
This is PITP-V055