Akira Sakata & Takeo Moriyama


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Label: Trost (Austria)
Catalog No: TROST 217LP

Double LP version. Spectacular live recording from 1986 of two seminal figures of the Japanese avantgarde -- Akira Sakata on saxophone and Takeo Moriyama on drums. Mitochondria captures the reunion of the two free jazz masters, who started playing together in the Yosuke Yamashita Trio in 1972 until 1975. For both, the experience with the trio was an important step in the development of their own career and musicianship. The recordings are a remarkable performance in which each successfully highlights the essential elements of his playing while giving of room for the other musician. Recorded at Kashiwa Church Chiba Pref. in Japan on May 24, 1986 by Yukio Tezuka on Sony stereo cassette recorder. Mixed by Jim O'Rourke, Mastered by Martin Siewert. Graphic design/cover photo by Lasse Marhaug. Liner notes by Kazue Yokoi.