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Altitude. - KNIGHT EP

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Catalog: INNER100
Format: Download // Streaming

A thick fog and soft light envelopes Knight in comfortable bliss. Full bodied bass lines guide us forward over a bed of climatic synth pads. Affecting pianos drizzle down from above like raindrops, cool and cleansing. The warmth of occasional trumpets can be heard in the distance like heralds of change, hope. Joy. Contentment.
Inner Ocean Records is proud to present multi instrumentalist Charlie Feig aka Altitude with his 5 song ep Knight, a tranquil exploration overflowing with sonic emotions. File this one on your shelf somewhere between Borealism, Arbour and Oatmello, for a complete and moving listening experience. 


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Artwork By: Callum McCormack

1 - The Camp
2 - Theft
3 - Options
4 - Stars
5 - Long Sleep